Tuesday, May 12, 2009

inFAMOUS (PlayStation 3)

here's a little review of the demo from my point of view. i just got the demo from a friend who got the code and share's among us to download the demo early. the demo will be out officially on 21st of May. the demo itself is around 1.2GB in size. it is a single player demo for the new anticipating PS3 game inFAMOUS.

i'll start with XMB first. here's is how it looks like on your XMB.

here's the control.. basically, it's a simple control scheme. for a few combination of buttons get the job done such as L1+X, L1+Square, L1+Circle.

you'll start the game with a few cutscene's describing on what happened to the earth and what makes Hero have the electrical superpower. and then it starts on top of a building where there is a train stucked on the rail. u need to push the car away from the rail and climb on top of the train to make it moves using ur electrical ability.

here's how he looks like when he charge his power.

he himself able to float on the air by jumping from anything and then press R1 to surf and use the analog stick to control him.

this is how the city looks like. it is well made with details. from what i can see there, it looks more like it's in chicago. the city itself looks like GTA IV but added more details to it.

as moves along the game, u need to charge urself by looking for electrical sources and charge urself. the control is kinda hard for me to aim for the bad guy. it is quite enjoyful playing the demo. the demo worth around 2 hours of ur time. it's kinda worth it for a long demo.
the rest of it.. just wait for official demo release on 21st of May this year. stay updated !


de_hydrates said...

semat gila game ni.. macam assasin creed.. tapi ada super pawer.. ni yang tak sabaq nak balik ni.. huhu..

mohd shazwan nabil said...

ada lagi satu game baru nak keluar. prototype. macam ni gak... tp rasanya lagi best.